Diane L. Vitale

Posted on November 28, 2011

I retired from the Sussex County Sheriffs Dept. jail unit in 2008.  After approximately one year, I applied for a part-time one or two-day-a-week position at the jail.  I needed the money, and I wanted to keep busy.  I received a letter telling me that the department was sorry, but because I was receiving a pension as a retired correction officer, it was not possible to have me back working as a correction officer. This would be considered double dipping.  I let it go and decided that it wasn’t meant to be. Then I realized that Sheriff Untig, who was at one time a correction officer and receiving a pension, was actively working as sheriff.  Now after reading this article, I can see more clearly it all depends on who you know and who you are, not what is fair.  I’m not at all surprised.  I know we have a new sheriff, but its the same old politics, isn’t it?

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